November 10, 2010

Well hello there,

Almost a year ago to the day I stopped blogging. Even that was only after a vain attempt to at least repost interesting things I found on the web with an occasional anecdote about my life.

Meanwhile, all my friends have started blogging. At least 4 have sprung up in the past month alone.

It’s weird, really. I blogged every day for years. I think from about 9th grade through the first year or so of college I was blogging, but really no one read it so I stopped. I just got busy and felt there were other outlets for expressing myself. Unfortunately my blog was kinda spread out all over the web. I had a Xanga for awhile in high school, then I did the Myspace blog scene. Not to mention the countless lines and lines of database tables from failed installations of WordPress, b2, and even *gasp* Greymatter that someday I’ll compile into one comprehensive entry-based story of my life.

I’m not here to revive a blog. Mostly I just made my occasional stop in to delete the 2000-some-odd SPAM comments that are clouding my databases over here. Maybe someday I’ll join the cool kids and do it again, but for now I feel like I’d just be jumping on the bandwagon for the sake of fitting in. Maybe this blog will evolve into a photoblog or even a portfolio of my career in web design. That is what I majored in in college, after all, so a portfolio could be beneficial – even necessary.

But meh. For now I’ll just keep paying the $50 or so a year to keep this thing going. It’s tradition mostly. That and automatic billpay.

I’m still alive. That counts for something right?

Oh yeah, follow me on Twitter instead. I microblog there all the time.

Look at me...with my happily blogging boyfriend and my happily blogless self.

Look at me...with my happily blogging boyfriend and my happily blogless self.